The Long Time Academy

Part Five: Decolonising The Future

Episode Summary

Freeing the future from the grip of colonialism

Episode Notes

Whose imagination are we living in, and how does that feel?

The last few years have highlighted the raw urgency of the struggle to ensure the future is not dominated by white-supremecy. But what do visions of an alternative future look like?

This episode explores how historically, inequalities in the present have been projected into the future, both in terms of how the future has been portrayed, and how it comes to be realised.

We look at the impacts of colonialism in the past, present and future, meeting the people changing this on the ground - from activists, to artists, to sci-fi fans. 

Whatever the future holds, it is in our hands. Paying attention to the patterns of our time reveals the importance of embracing and cultivating diversity now, and for the long time.

Special thanks to the contributors to this episode, Alisha B Wormsley, adrienne maree brown, Safiya Noble, Jay Griffiths, Joshua Virasami, Annauk Olin, Lonny Avi Brooks & Ahmed Best 

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